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The solution for Hybrid-Traffic Safe Coexistence   

Autonomous and human driven vehicles (4 & 2 wheels), drones and pedestrians


The 4D2C solution facilitates the safe hybrid-coexistence of all current and emerging traffic-space objects including – autonomous and human-driven vehicles, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, pedestrians and low-level flying objects.

The solution is based on a thin-client object-side app that continuously reports the object’s accurate location to a centralized server where a sophisticated algorithm calculates ‘objects’ motion vectors’ identifying potential collision hazards and alerting the corresponding objects in real time thus reducing their accident potential and increasing their safety.

The above is enabled in any environment and under any weather condition not depending on GPS reception or having a line of sight among mutually endangering moving objects.

Solution Edge

The 4D2C solution is unique and offers the following accumulative advantages:

  • A software-only solution running on any mobile-connected object with no need to add or install any Hardware.

  • A standards-based solution does not require any additional app-side installation or infrastructure deployment.

  • An add-on solution with easy integration to existing HW sensors-based solutions enhancing their performance such as for seeing around the corner.

  • Visibility & weather conditions agnostic 

  • No Line of Sight (LOS) between objects required – hazards identified and alerts provided to ‘around the corner’ potentially endangering objects.

  • High positioning accuracy prevents false alerts. (for example objects moving in opposite lanes passing one another with significant proximity yet as part of normal ‘safe traffic scenarios’).

  • ‘Solution’s Brain’ running sophisticated RT algorithm allowing for use of ‘thin clients’ with minimal processing or battery life requirements.

  • Supports all traffic-space objects including low-level flying objects.


500 Terry Francois St 

San Francisco, CA 94158

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