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Solution benefits to customers and partners

  • To drivers (trains, 4-wheels and 2 wheels vehicles):
    Real-time warning alerts upon any collision risk with other moving objects (in any weather and road conditions)

  • To autonomous vehicles:
    Real-time dynamic traffic picture of its surroundings for better vehicular "driving computer" real-time decisions

  • To hovering drones:
    Real-time warning alerts to drone control center upon any collision risk with other drones, ground vehicles or pedestrians 

  • To any pedestrians, adults and children, carrying cellular phones:
    Real-time warning alerts to any vehicle and pedestrian upon collision risk (in any weather and roads conditions)

  • Passenger buses:
    Application will indicate to passengers the exact [N3] time of the bus arrival to the stations.

  • To insurance companies:
    Major costs saving due to lower number of road accidents

  • Governments and Municipalities:

    • Moving forward with future technology, enabling the coexistence of drones in the air, autonomous and manual vehicles on the roads, and pedestrians ("hybrid traffic")

    • Traffic flow improvement and collision hotspot detection

    • Car accidents damages reduction (direct and indirect)


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